Is Green Coffee Pure Better than The Infamous Acai Berry?

Acai berry, being touted as probably the world’s most powerful superfood over recent years, may no longer be the superstar it’s been. Green coffee bean extract took the weight loss world by storm in 2012, and Garcinia Cambogia was even more acclaimed by the world’s top researchers and weight loss experts say that the it may be nature’s secret to weight loss that we’ve been in search of.

What Are Green Coffee Beans?

Green coffee beans?  Have you ever seen green coffee beans? Probably not. Green coffee beans most often actually do have a green color to them. They’re the coffee beans that exist before they’re put through rigorous heat and roasted. The extract you can get from these beans in their natural state have been shown to literally melt away body fat fast – and effortlessly.

What makes green coffee extract so powerful is the chlorogenic acid that’s naturally found inside green coffee beans. This acid, once consumed, starts burning away body fat. But it also slows down the pace at which sugar (glucose) is released into your body. That means that it stops new fat from being formed, since there isn’t as much sugar there for your body to transform into fat storages.

You don’t get this from your normal morning cup of coffee. The chlorogenic acid is lost if the beans are processed and roasted. The easiest way to take advantage of green coffee’s fat burning is to buy a pure green coffee extract from a reputable supplier.

Green Coffee Extract Research

Yes, Acai berries have been quite popular for a while now. And while pure green coffee extract research has only recently been surfacing, the future looks very promising. The main study that sparked the media surge surrounding green coffee was a small study carried out over a total of 22 weeks. 16 overweight people participated and they didn’t change of their regular habits in regards to their diet and exercise.

At one point during that time, they were taking a placebo. At another point, they took small doses of green coffee pure extract. At another point, they took a high dosage of the extract. In between these different time periods, they took nothing in order to give their body a chance to flush out any remnants from the previous period. This is how the study was able to be done with so few people, as they didn’t different control groups.

In the end, participants lost 16 percent of their total body fat. That alone is impressive. Add to that the fact that they last 10 percent of their entire body weight with an average of 17b pounds lost, and it gets even more impressive. But that’s still not all… they were eating a very high calorie diet: around 2400 calories per day and they weren’t exercising much at all (if any). They were only burning around 400 calories per day. But they still dropped a lot of weight and burned off a substantial amount of body fat. This groundbreaking green coffee study is what has stirred up so much interest.

Is Green Coffee Better than Acai?

It’s too soon to say that one is 100% better than the other. Acai berry has been around a while, and while a lot of people have had success with it, there are others who haven’t. It doesn’t help that the market became flooded with scams and fly-by-night ‘businesses’ selling less-than-ideal supplements. The good thing about green coffee is that it requires no changes on your part – other than taking the extract.

There aren’t hundreds of suppliers flooding the market for Garcinia Cambogia yet (though we’re sure there are some). You can easily find pure green coffee extract if you take the time to ensure that the supplier is reputable and the product is made with quality and safety in mind. Read green coffee testimonials from their customers, make sure the ingredients are clearly provided and that you understand potential green coffee side effects. Lastly make sure that they have a solid money-back guarantee.

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